Tuesday 14 January 2014

Wharf Inspiration II

It is this time of the year again, when the beaches are abandoned and the boats are on shore for their annual fix. Peeling paint, rusty bits and nature's work gives amazing details.

 This boat I found particularly interesting.

At first I thought that the old paint was scrapped off, but when I looked closer to the rubbish I saw that it was not paint but hundreds of shells.

One side of the shells was still natural while the other side had blue paint stuck to it. I never have seen such a thing and none of the other boats had it. Normally boats are here made of wood, this one was plastic, maybe the shells like that.

And here are the first pieces with their inspirational pictures, we'll make more soon as we still have plenty of pictures.

The crab agate is catching the colors and textures so well that we kept the earrings simple.

I love the rustic and not-perfect look of this one. So the earrings became a bit asymmetrical with rough kyanite, pearls and silver plated findings.

I love this blue with white, mysterious and fresh at the same time, these earrings are again made with crab agate, simple but gorgeous.

Stay tuned for more wharf inspired jewelry :)

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  1. Wow amazing that the shells like plastic boats the most. What beautiful colors and patterns on the boats.