Sunday 9 February 2014

Madrid 3: Street Artists

A lot of people are trying to make their living on the streets of Madrid. Musicians, live statues, selling items and also begging. Some have found a very fun way, like this headless lady who gladly posed in pictures for whatever you could spare in money.

You can see this kind of live statues in many cities, but a few were very unique.

This man with hardly hands and arms, worked hard for his money. He makes little decorations with soda cans. The small items are priced to your liking so you pay whatever you want, the planes were priced. I found it wonderful that he wasn't begging and instead was constantly making new pieces right there on the street with garbage and a pair of scissors.

A photographer with an antique camera.

This girl was making lovely wire twisted jellyfishes and seahorses, we recommended Etsy to her and bought a jellyfish brooch, as we very well know how great it feels to sell a piece.

A bucket of soapy water, and two sticks with a rope is enough to give lots of joy to kids and adults. This man had so much fun with his soap bells that everyone had fun too, it was really a joy to watch.

These were just a few examples of the many people on the streets, more Madrid posts will follow so stay tuned :)