Thursday 20 February 2014

Madrid 4: Old Madrid

We've been totally neglected our blog, life got a little in between. Although I had planned to make several more Madrid posts, I just keep forgetting to actually write the posts. So here is finally another post about Madrid, the old shops and kiosks you can see all over the city.

These kiosks are awesome, made of iron and amazingly detailed.

And when the shop is closed it is just a small cylinder with adds, love how little space it occupies and in a pretty way.

Here another one but this time a florist, did you see the little plants on top of the roof?

An old butcher, completely covered with marble and details in brass.

An old puzzles and games shop, I'm sure this shop was extremely popular when there was no internet!

A religious artifacts shop.

An old book shop, my mother remembered this shop from her youth.

A large doll shop, please note my mother on the right, looking as excited as the little girl :)

And another beautiful antique carousel.

No kids though, the weather was very cold and wet that day.

I promise to post the remaining posts much quicker and sooner!!

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