Wednesday 5 February 2014

Madrid 2: Royal Palace

Today I'm taking you to the royal palace, in the heart of Madrid a piece of fairy tale. This is the front side where there are pretty kept green bushes, fountains, trees and statues.

One thing I like a lot of Madrid is that it is very spacious, often cities are suffocating but Madrid's streets are wide and breathing and everywhere is enough room to walk freely.

At the front of the palace was an ice skate ring, a beautiful old merry-go-round and little tents with food and souvenirs.

The palace itself has no gates at the front, however there are two police cars to prevent people from getting too close to the building.

 While walking to the backside of the palace,where there is a huge garden, with a view over entire Madrid, you pass all kind of little parks, gardens and statues.

The garden is open for public between specific hours (with a fee), we were too late for that so we couldn't get in. We did walk to the back to see an other side of the palace and the Cathedral where the King goes to mass.

The Cathedral is right across the palace and when the King wants to go there the road path between the two places is closed to public so he can worship freely :)

Everywhere angles are welcoming you...

And here you see a part of Madrid and the palace from further and higher away.

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