Saturday 26 April 2014

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Yesterday we had a lovely outdoors breakfast near the water, in the forest surrounded by mountains, these kind of luxuries are one of the things we love about living here :)

As it was not weekend yet we were the only customers, and apparently that left some folk hungry. Before any food arrived we got some company, clearly waiting for breakfast like we were.

Then some reinforcement arrived, like they got a text message saying 'breakfast is coming, meet me at table 4' from the other duck.

Then the staring competition started...

And some more company arrived.

Turtles are apparently also great in staring.

So good actually that if you had food in your mouth you would take it out and give it to them...

The turtle also called for some reinforcement...

Eventually there were 6 turtles...

And when breakfast did arrive, competition became fierce and strong.

But the ducks, turtles and fishes all caught their food in peaceful harmony.

Now that the guests were fed we could eat ourselves, yummmm.

Surrounded in green, with some cats...

And a chicken...

All of a sudden the ducks were making a lot of noise, I first thought that maybe a big fish was nibbling on their feet.

But soon it became clear that it was one of the seven sins, lust :)

One fella almost drowned the lady while trying to do some monkey business, and when he didn't manage it...

...another one pushed him off and finished the job.

The winner was very proud of himself and made some macho moves after the free porn show (which was, may I add, very short ) was over.

It was quite the show with all these critters, it felt like the Mad Hatter's tea party :)


  1. hahaha!
    I laughed so hard at these stories! thanks for sharing :D

  2. You had some cute guests at your breakfast! I'm sure you gave them some aphrodiciac food ;-)

  3. Such a nice and funny post :)

  4. Nice post! Love the cactus and pink flower :)