Friday 25 July 2014

Epic underwater photoshoot

The first time I saw these amazing pictures by Benjamin Von Wong it totally blew my mind. But the fact that it was not photoshopped but actually really taken in the sea, instead of a swimming pool and major photoshop afterwards like these kind of shoots are usually done, made it even more special to me. I am a diver myself and my love for the sea is of course pretty obvious if you know our work :)

I added the videos about this shoot below, the enthusiasm of the team is wonderful and the way they did it is amazing. The models are both free divers too, a normal model would not be able to hold her breath so long and wouldn't be at ease enough to take descent pictures.

Touching the coral reefs is forbidden to protect the natural environment so the pictures needed to be taken with the illusion that the models were touching the place without touching and often were bound by their feet to avoid that they drift away while shooting, you will see all these details in the videos.

The pictures are really surreal and amazing, you'll love the photographer too he is so passionate about his job that you will get itchy to do something amazing too. I also loved the fact that he did this shoot 1 day after he got is diving licence so he is not an experienced diver at all.