Wednesday 30 July 2014

Our Creative Space...

It has been a while since I shared a creative space, not that we haven't been creative but more as we just often forget to take pictures of progress. This time I did remember to take pictures, especially as it was a new experiment. A while back we purchased the Soldering Tin Tutorial by PipnMolly and although I studied it almost right away I only now have been able to actually try it out.

We purchased some vintage tin plates to give it a go, these are pretty thin so I could cut them with our tin scissors.

After that I gently hammered one of them to make it domed without scratching the drawings on the tin, the tutorial explains how to do it best.

After that I sanded the sides and soldered it to an adjustable ring, I had domed the tin to measure exactly the top of the ring.

It turned out adorable if you ask me :) And I have just listed it in the shop. I'm planning to make necklaces with the birds combined with berries and branches, we'll see how that goes.

This gorgeous plate turned out to be more of a challenge, it is pretty thick and to not loose anything of the pretty tin it needs to be sawed, the more I will saw it will become easier but for now it is a struggle.

With the outside piece I'm making a cuff which will close with chain on the back. I've soldered some leaves to it for some 'sprouting' effect.

While taking pictures this bee was busily buzzing nearby.

I had a lot of fun with this method of working so am sure that more tin pieces will appear in our shop :)

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  1. Me encanta ver esos procesos en los que damos a algo antiguo una segunda oportunidad.
    Felicidades porque esos anillos van a convertirse en auténticas joyas.