Tuesday 29 July 2014

The journey continues...

After last week's car troubles our exploring adventure was interrupted so we continued this week with our journey, after fixing the car of course :)

Almost straight away I saw this little guy in the middle of the road, so small that it seemed a rock at first sight.

He was very brave for such a young little fella, and I didn't neglect to take a selfie with my new buddy :)

A little further away we saw two wild mules, they were very shy and ran away with each noise we made but I could take a few pictures by zooming in.

Gorgeous creatures with huge high ears with a funny hair do between them.

We continued our journey, rocky road between green trees on green hills.

And the sea, we were not the only ones enjoying it, from many cities of Turkey people come here to the beautiful beaches to have a break. We usually can not go away with all the dogs who need to be taken care of so these short breaks are much appreciated and needed by us :)

The sun peeking through the trees, the sound of the sea and a gentle breeze, Heaven on Earth.

Of course we never can resist a bit of work so walked quite a bit on rocky shores to find treasures.

I love how there are so many pretty looking wild flowers even in the middle of these hot summer months, why ca't these appear in our garden?

When the roads are not rocky you still have to drive with care or you'll fly into the sea, but the views while driving are amazing, making us stop every so often to take a picture.

I hope you enjoyed the trip with us :)