Thursday 14 August 2014

Our Creative Space...

I was busy with an epoxy session yesterday, once I start I can not stop till it is finished, meaning not even a toilet break lol :)

I did a whole bunch of shells, once they are collected from the beach the wet shiny look goes away and mat and dull shells are what you have, the epoxy brings back that wet shiny look and the colors pop out nicely. As they are round I stuck them all to a toothpick in to a piece of oasis, you know that stuff florists use to arrange flowers. This way they will dry pretty all around.

There was also a whole bunch of sea urchins, our harvest from the past few months. After cleaning, filling and cleaning them again they are now also treated with epoxy to make them strong.

Some are not so pretty so will be painted. The spots usually happen in the sea when they get hit by a rock, there skeleton gets damaged but it doesn't harm themselves. This whole bunch is collected during the past few months on many beaches by walking many miles on rocky shores. As the filling and epoxy part is a messy job I do large lots at once.

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  1. Allways so nice to see what happens behind the scenes! Those sea urchins are just gorgeous!!