Tuesday 11 November 2014

Leaves are Falling

As you might know by now we have very loooong and hot Summers here. It starts in April and can easily go on in October sometimes even November.

Fall has arrived now finally, with much anticipated cooler weather and rain showers to give all those thirsty trees as delicious treat.

The leaves have just started to change color and fall, we are in mid November!

We never have snow, and it very rarely goes below freezing point, some winters one or two nights it freezes a bit. Mostly it is a lot of rain.

Our little street is still very green though and most plants and trees will stay like this all winter.

We also still have plenty of flowers.

Look at these little fire balls, totally in fashion with Ombré colors :)

These big white flowers are from the Yucca plant. The flowers get so heavy that they only stay up right for a few days.

And finally my ridiculous socks and pants *giggles* the big advantage of working from home is every day is a PJ's day :) I think our delivery guys think that we sleep all day though. And yes, I have a soft spot for crazy socks, I have 5 more color combo's of these. Please note that the pants have doggies paw prints on them :)


  1. ha! I have a pair of toe socks as well :D
    Don't like them much though :)
    Beautiful pictures of nature :)

  2. Haha creepy socks ;) I wish everything would stay this green during winter here...