Thursday 5 March 2015

Little Red Riding Hood

Today you will witness Mimi's make over to Little Red Riding Hood...

First step was trimming all her hair off, as it got all tangled up, she is a wild girl and wild girls don't brush their hair, to be honest I don't brush my hair very often either :)

Mum had been busy for hours with her costume, inside a red gingham lining, outside a super soft velvet fabric. With an adorable vintage trim as finishing touch.

And here she is, our adorable, very own miss Little Red Riding Hood!

Not to forget some flowers in a basket for grandma.

Mimi just trimmed and not entirely used yet of all the fresh air was very comfortable in it.

And of course the wolf has to get in the picture, funny enough our wolf (Tommy) loves nibbling our Little red riding hood (Mimi) on a daily bases! I have to give him credit as I find her quiet delicious myself, she is like a caramel cookie :)

If you would like to have your own little red riding hood, I will be listing this a little later today in our clothing shop, where we also have skirts for humans with little red riding hood scenes.

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