Tuesday 7 April 2015

Day 2 - Istanbul

Today we got up early to get to the Dutch consolos for the renewal of our passports. We were not lucky though as after waiting for 3 hours we found out that everything was going veryyy slow due to a technical issue from Holland so we left but were promised to be called when the issue was solved. We were not allowed to take our phones or cameras inside so could not take any pictures inside the consolos.

We walked through some lovely streets and did some window shopping (perfect for our budget) :) Love the window of this pickel shop.

We went to an Etsy friend who has a b&m shop in Istanbul, I have shown her shop, Evihan Çukurcuma, before on our blog but I always love how she arranges it.

On our way to the tram we passed many lovely old houses, and shabby antique shops.

Another beautiful example of an abonded beauty.

Just when we were in the tram they called from the consolos to notify us that the system was fixed so we rushed back and had that all arranged. Istanbul is so huge and even though their are many public transport options traveling takes a lot of time I know that a lot of people get up at 5 as they have to commute for 2 hours, I love living in our small town! We did manage to squeeze some supply shopping before calling it a day :)


  1. Beautiful shops and streets :)

  2. ah cool, you saw Evihan (of course!) her shop is indeed lovely :)
    I must admit I'm quite smitten with what you call "abandoned beauties", even though I'm torn because of the sadness of leaving a building to rot, but on the other side, abandoned buildings have the rough honest beauty of reality which I love.

  3. Beautiful photos, you brought us from Istanbul. Hope, you could leave the recent shock by seeing new things. Best wishes!