Saturday 18 July 2015


It has been years since we had a real vacation, the first reason is that we simply can not afford a good one :) Another big problem are the doggies, it is hard to find someone trust worthy to look after them while we are gone. And someone needs to stay at our home day and night so that they stay calm, fed and watered, so that makes it very hard for us to go somewhere, a few days is managable once or twice a year but a few weeks is for now impossible.

 Anyway we are still lucky as we live in a place where people actually come to have a vacation, so whenever we have the opportunity we have a one day vacation, and we are happy with that :) Who wants to chill on a beach for 2 weeks anyway when you have so much creative projects to do anyway :)
Starting yesterday and ending Sunday it is National vacation here, as it is a religious one (Sugar feast) it has nothing to with us but we still saw it as an excuse to have a 1 day break yesterday and started with a lovely brunch at our favorite place.

Where ducks, fish and water turtles wait for breakfast too. There is always a lovely breeze and it is a few degrees cooler that our extremely hot town.

Across the water were some goats too, we were really surrounded by all kind of critters.

We then decided to take a road we never checked out before and discovered a beautiful place.

It started with a cool shadowed forest path.

It felt enchanted and so beautiful, quiet and cool.

And at the end of the path, a little piece of beach, totally for ourselves!

The trees showed signs of love stories, but further no signs of people.

And as you might have noticed I have a new toy, a very cool smart phone which was a Birthday gift, and I discovered that it can take Panorama's so I had fun with that :)
As I finally have a descent phone I joined Instagram, where you can take peeks of scenes you might never have seen before, behind StaroftheEast :)


  1. Similar problems here, not enough money to spent on a few weeks off, and doggies to take care off. So for us moving to the mountains in the South of Poland was a good plan, cool forests and beautiful walks are just outside our door now.
    I always miss the sea though, but don't think I can stand the heat where you are..

  2. Great pics Estella! I understand you needing a vacation !What about swapping with someone places?Someone who also have dogs ;) and live in the mountain for a change :P