Thursday 30 July 2015

From Sad Stool to Beautiful Ottoman

I mentioned a few days ago that we were starting a new adventure, renovating old furniture. I showed a bigger piece, but before we start a marathon we wanted to warm up first and start with a smaller project.

An old abandoned stool, looking very sad and not very promising. But I love its legs, I sound like a man, but yes the legs were what made me love it. I did not mind her not wearing make-up or having a bad hair day, her body is great :)

So I started by cleaning off all those useless threads, I was not planning to use it in such a way anyway, and giving those pretty legs some good attention. Sanded them, varnished 3 times, more sanding and 3 layers of a beautiful vibrant blue and this baby already had a different attitude.
The joints needed some firm glue and readjustments.

And then came the fun part, deciding on the fabrics. I knew I wanted vibrant stripes on the side, mum wanted embroidery, eventually we got both what we wanted. I started to get really excited even before dressing her up!

First step was to add new webbing.

Then foam on top and cardboard on the sides to fill up the thickness differences of the wood.

Then everything was wrapped with batting to make the edges soft.

After cutting and sewing the vintage embroidery in shape we sewed it in the shape of the top, this was stapled to the stool and tadaaaa!

I am thrilled with the result, it is adorable, cheerful and very satisfying that it all came from a sad looking stool, ready to be thrown away.

The top is a beautiful hand embroidered piece of linen, vintage from the 1950's.
It has a cute pompom trim between the embroidery and the striped fabric. The striped fabric I bought a few years ago in Amsterdam and was waiting for a special something.

The Ottoman stool is now available in our home decor shop, StarHomeStudio and already more furniture pieces are in the planning.


  1. ... wow!
    seriously I'm speechless.
    This is just ... wow.
    Clearly this new direction suits you, I love that ottoman, heck I want it.

  2. Amazing project! It looks so fun and so colorful! It somehow reminds me of an mexican interior! Probably because of the colors and lines!
    I can't wait to see the next piece of furniture !!!!

  3. I saw a close up yesterday on Instagram :) Now I see the whole picture. Great!

  4. WOOOW !!!! A brand new stool! AMAZING!

  5. O! Fantastic transformation! Indeed I follow Stephs' reasoning that you found yourself a very suiting new direction, I'm impressed!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! It seems that everything turns to "gold" in your hands!!!

  7. Beautiful happy stool! It is lovely to see the transformation process!