Thursday 20 August 2015

From Shabby to Chic

Another make over, yes we have been busy :)
This one was actually slowly being done while we were also busy with the armchair.

I made a sketch to get an idea how it would look like ones made.

Sanding, varnishing and painting the woodwork many times was a fun killer but the result made it worth it.

We had only one embroidery which was perfect in color and size, a punch needle embroidered parrot, very fluffy and eye catching.

I wanted to have a nice fat seat so the stripes would pop nicely. also the wood right below the seat showed nails which I covered up with foam, fixing two things at once.

The vibrant green pompom trim matches perfectly with the parrot and bring some color to the black, white and grey sides of the pouf.

It is stable and can be used as a stool, in front of your make up mirror, in the hallway, children's room or anywhere where others can admire it too.

We have several more of these stools, I will be slowly sanding, varnishing and painting them, due to the vintage embroideries we use each will be unique and one of a kind.
You can fin our furniture pieces here in our decor shop.


  1. Lovely! I love your new series! I wouldn't think about transforming a wooden stool into a a puffy one :)

  2. yeeeah! I love those so much :)
    great one again!

  3. Starting to be a really nice collection...
    Underside is done great, love all eye for details!
    I have a few old stools myself, and combining this with the sweater recycling post is getting interesting...

    1. Glad to hear that these post are inspiring you especially the recycling concept :)

  4. Love your furniture makeovers