Tuesday 4 August 2015

Just a Little While

So we have been busy with fixing, revamping and glamorizing old furniture. This one is the matching ottoman of the chair I showed you in this post (which is still in the progress of getting dressed up).

Just like the chair it had still its original fabric and was never re-done after been made. The fabric was miraculously still in good condition after more than 60 years, but the filling and style really needed a breath of fresh air.

I've sanded and painted the legs of both the pieces, they were all hidden under the trim but are actually gorgeous and in great state, so we won't be hiding those beauties again.

All the webbing and filling were in a sad condition so had to be re-done completely.

We searched and puzzled for hours to find the perfect embroidery between our stash, and eventually found this vintage needle punch embroidery with 'Nur ein Weilchen' German writing which means 'just a little while', very kitsch and romantic :)

The side is made of a vibrant hand woven fabric, with a pink velvet piping it is smashing and re-freshed. Both the embroidery and fabric were just enough, a fraction smaller and we would not have been able to use them!

We are still working on the chair, hopefully it will be ready by next week, in the mean time this beauty is available in our StarHomeStudio shop :)


  1. So much cuteness! I very much like your work on furnitures, keep them coming I say! :)

  2. I love how you're transforming the little chairs! I also loved it in it's vintage form :) it depends on the style you like the most!