Monday 7 September 2015

Hag Stones And Other Magic

A few weeks ago we turned in to a road we never had gone in to before, in hope to find a, for us, new beach. On our way we came across a hidden ruin in the middle of a little village, which in turn was pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

The roads were very rough but magical, below trees, struggling to not let the car strand in a ditch.

But eventually ended up on a beautiful beach, although the water was warm the waves are so strong that it is hard to swim in it, and even harder to get out as the waves keeps pushing you, causing for much of giggles :)

But beside sea urchins we found some rare finds, things we have not found on other beaches. That is the beauty of exploring new beaches, each is holding different treasures. It is really amazing how we find specific shells on one beach and close by we find totally different things. On this one we found 6 and 7 legged starfishes, unlike our usual 5 legged ones, in general they look very different than the ones we usually find.

And this huge sand dollar, the biggest we found until now, the stone I pictured these finds on is also a find from this location and as I hoped while carrying it to the car, turns out to be great as picture background.

And we found a bunch of naturally drilled stones. These stones are called hag stones and are in many cultures believed to bring luck and protection. In the old days they were hanged above windows and doors to keep evil spirits, witchcraft and enemies out. Still many believe in it and in some places fishermen also have one hanging in their boat.

It is also believed that when looking through the hole you can see pixies and faeries :) One other fun fact; if you look to your enemy through the hole you can curse him/ her, so enemies beware I have hag stones and am not afraid to use them! :)

I've made a few pieces with hag stones, driftwood and ceramic beads, to hang in your home. Not only are they great for protection, they also give a wonderful beach vibe :)

I will make more of them but for now these two are listed in our decor shop, in case you can use some extra protection or you need to curse someone, always handy to have this on stand-by :)


  1. With each of your blogposts, I get the urge more and more to visit Turkey. Magical!

  2. Amazing post: not only the beauty of the new beach... but also your findings and the information on "cursing"!!!

  3. Seems your surroundings and trips are blessed :-)
    Very much wondering about the origin of the ruin now... looks totally ancient..

  4. It is all very magical indeed...

  5. Beautiful beach! And I didn't knew the stones fact! The manual drilled ones work too? :D

    1. Nope, sorry, they need to be drilled by nature :)