Thursday 12 November 2015

Tender Loving Care

This little drawer chest has been hanging around in our attic for quite some time and it was time to bring this sad piece down to give it some tender loving care :)

The leather on top was all dried, ripped and ugly, under it was a layer of blue fabric which was holding its filling.

The filling was old school, saw dust! It was still neatly in place but not my choice of filling.

Once all filling, nails, fabric and leather was removed I sanded the wood completely until the woods beautiful color came back, a pinkish warm colored wood and as soft as baby bottoms :)

I decided to spice it up with a fancy leather instead of a classic more obvious brown leather.

All freshened up and totally not something you want hidden away in your attic, I love how old pieces are strong and beautiful enough to fix them up and give them another life, unlike new stuff that just gets thrown away.

This newly revived beauty is now available in our home decor shop, StarHomeStudio.


  1. You have done a brilliant job! I like your choice of leather.

  2. Cool footstool, love the storage space, safe for the doggies :-)

  3. Great job...lovely piece of furniture!!

  4. Really cool! I love the new look you gave to it! Still going strong on the vintage style but a renewed object! I wonder if it was part of a bigger piece or it was a drawer that sits on a make-up table?

    1. It was intended like this, there are no marks of removal from a bigger piece.

  5. I very much enjoy how you take old (very) used things and turn them into new beauties :)