Thursday 3 December 2015

December Revamps

So non of the November plans became reality, a huge disappointment, and the only reason was that we apparently only have 3 spare tiles for the bathroom and the tiles are not available anywhere. We have been searching for them on and offline for days but all was fruitless. The thing is when you want a larger window you have to knock out some wall and as the wall is tiled you always need a bunch of spares, but we are just going to dive in this month and hope for the best or will adjust according how it goes, we'll see, but we have to finish it! There I've said it now there is no turning back :) As the bathroom was going to be done together with the fixing of the walls around the doors and the garden path all got on hold.

One revamp we did finally accomplished is this vintage kimono. I hear you thinking 'big deal', well it is :) It took as a whopping two months to finally accomplish an embellishment, ridiculous, I know. First of all, all the old sewing was not so strong so it had to be made all over and it was super boring which was hard to get rid off, but finally with some vintage embroidery, trims, orange leather trim and buttons it spiced it up and is finally listed in the clothing shop.

Keep your fingers crossed so all goes to plan this month :)


  1. Haha, life never goes to plan :D
    But I hope you'll find the tiles. The bathroom problem doesn't sound very fun.
    Beautiful kimono as well!

  2. The kimono is beautiful! So much work on it! And about your renovations plan I understand the problem very well!

  3. Don't know who said this but "life is what happens when you're busy making other plans". I sure know all about waiting for a proper bathroom...
    And the kimono is lovely!

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed that your plans will go well this time!
    And a very lovely kimono!

  5. Oh, yes. Taking out old stitches is really boring. However the result is beautiful!

  6. I'm with Dina, sometimes life goes so fast that we don't realize that time has flown! Lovely Kimono, what a hard work!

  7. Great kimono! I love that statement button! Big and red, in the middle of...things :D
    Regarding the bathroom issue, I wish you best of luck in finding the tiles! What about a complete makeover with some other tiles? It might be a last solution...