Monday 11 January 2016

How to Keep coming with new Ideas for your Blog

Today I have totally no idea what to blog about, and then I thought that I will share what I do when I have this problem, so the problem of not knowing what to blog about turned in to a blog post about not knowing what to blog about :) After more than 8 years of blogging this is what I do when my mind is on a blank:

- Check your last 10 blogposts, write them down and then come up with new blogposts inspired by those last 10 ones. For example a previous blogpost about our furniture projects could lead to of course the before and after photo's of those furniture pieces but also a tutorial on how to fix a furniture piece or I could share furniture pieces made by others that I love and there you have 3 blogposts that you all of a sudden could write simply by thinking about 1 blogpost, with 10 posts you can easily come up with 20 new blog posts materials. If so write them down and look at them when you have no idea on what to write about :)

- Think about what you have done lately and share those new projects, this can be something that you make (and sell) but also a house make over, a little home decor upgrade etc. Sharing the process of these projects is fun for others to see and encouraging comments can also stimulate and motivate you to continue or do more than you originally planned.

- Share something personal that you have gone through lately. You don't need to share your dirty laundry or deepest secrets, but something might have happened lately that will give a good laugh to others or touch someone as they went through something similar.

-And finally I try to mix it up a little so not too much of the same kind of blogposts in a row but different things for variation and to connect with more people as some of your blogposts will be more liked by some people while other kinds might be liked by a different audience.

Here are my favorite three blogposts of all time, hope you enjoy them too:

~Mum decided to cook... (originally posted in 2008)

~Eco Fur (originally posted in 2009)

~Going back to Fairyland (Originally posted in 2014)


  1. Ha ha I had forgotten about the kitchen disaster...I think it was one of the first post I read on your blog too :D
    I have never had writer's block...even at school I was the annoying one who always wrote too much ;) But to sit down and actually blog is another thing...

  2. Ha! Going to re-read your favourite posts now :-)

  3. I remember the eco fur!
    But we hadn't met yet for the kitchen disaster (such fun haha!)
    I don't have too much issues finding what to write on my blog, but I struggle with it being interesting enough to share sometimes hahaha :D

  4. Very interesting, I'm taking notes!! Though my problem is more often that I'm not in the mood to blog and I feel that if I write anything I will just share my bad mood, ha!

  5. Great article. And I enjoyed so much reading the past posts.

  6. Great ideas, will keep them in mind for the future.
    And I just loved all the three old posts!

  7. Great advises! What I also do is get inspiration from pinterest, from my hobbies, from different subjects that matter to me and I want to share them and sometimes books or magazine help me to find different things to talk about. Especially magazines are full of tiny pieces of information that can be easily transformed into blog post :)

    And you food-post was really funny by the way! PS: they still looked yummy from here :D

  8. Great posts! :) About eco-fur is my fav )))))