Thursday 5 May 2016

A Little Wild Trip

Today we went to the Animal hospital, a mountain drive of about half an hour, for our Zeyno. We discovered some large lumps and as we have had these kind of shocks a lot lately we did not waste any time and went straight away for her to be operated. It looks like she has the same cancer as Simon ( who is doing well) but we'll know more when the pathology test results are back. She is a big 12 year old dog, but we love all our doggies and like to keep them around healthy and happy :)

While waiting for the operation we discovered a fox pup in one of the recovery cages, oh so very adorable and pretty and very small. She will go to a wild life park once she has been vaccinated and has stayed there for quarantine for a while. I never have seen a fox so close, let alone a pup so I took some pictures for this beauty.

The operation went well, 4 lumps are removed and we'll know what is going on in a few days.
On our way back we stopped by an abandoned greenhouse, literally exploding with greenness, so magical.

I often love pictures of abandoned places, the way nature takes back the place and slowly makes it green and pretty has something satisfying, the ability of nature to heal is amazing (of course it can heal to a certain extent).

We must have passed it dozens of times, in a fast going car you do not see everything, but this time I realized that the greenhouse was a little too green and we made a mental note to stop on our way back for pictures.

Girmek Yasaktır - Forbidden to Enter, not that you can actually enter, I did break that rule by poking my head and camera inside :)

Funny enough just when I was about to write this blog post I came across this image on BoredPanda, it seemed to meant to be featured here considering the combo of the fox and the greenness that she could have been in that greenhouse :)

Here some 'forbidden' peeks inside.

Zeyno is doing well, lying on her favorite couch with a comfort blanket and her appetite already back to normal, and her tail waggling like nothing has happened, animals are so strong!


  1. Glad to read that Zeyno is doing well!

  2. Happy to hear that Zeyno feels ok now! and the fox!!!:) I hope he feels ok to. Anyhow thanks for amazing post:) I always had a thing for abandoned places:)

  3. I hope everything will be ok with Zeyno! And lovely trip! I love abandoned places too!

  4. Wish everything will be fine with Zeyno! Lovely pictures of how nature can take back its place!

  5. Love to both animals!
    Abandoned places are beautiful, I don't know why I love ruins and abandoned architecture so much..

  6. so cute animals, so lovely girl, great post

  7. I'm sorry for Zeyno, hopefully he'll get better!
    And the fox is adorable!

  8. He he there I was thinking that dog looks like a tiny fox;)
    I hope Zeyno gets well soon.

  9. Sending healing vibes to Zeyno! Hope he will fully recover!
    Amazing to see what happened to the greenhouse after it was abandoned. A truly green greenhouse!