Monday 31 October 2016

Sunday Pleasures

Yesterday it was warm and sunny and I went with a friend to another friend's farm in a village not so far from our town.

Life there is so different than in the cities. Work is working on the land and the animals, all food comes from their own land and animals and every where is some kind of food. pumpkins lying around either to be cooked or still in the fields.

Chicken walking around everywhere, providing eggs and also meat eventually.

I even found a chicken between my car and tire :)

Pretty flowers on balconies and in front of the houses.

And an extending sheep family :)

We were send home with lots of food, including these gorgeous pomegranates, mandarins and almonds.

Eating pomegranates is a hassle, but I love squeezing them for their delicious and gorgeous colored juice!


  1. Wonderful photos! That chicken is so funny!

  2. Oh, great place! These sheeps are adorable.

  3. farm life is so great, I love it

  4. Beautiful autumn feel and still so different from our autumn here in Prague. That chicken is so funny. And the fruits you got looks so yummy. We only have apples here :)

  5. I definitely have to move somewhere warmer...with chickens...

  6. pomegranates juice! OMG i love that so much!
    Lovely place and great pictures! :-)

  7. Wow, you are lucky to live in Turkey, it feels so amazing!