Thursday 10 November 2016

All the Critters

With my disappointment in humanity still very much present I thought it was best to focus myself on animals today. Here are most of the visitors we had throughout the years in our garden, some were too fast to take a picture of. Above is the Eurasian Hoopoe which only visited once.

This huge and amazing moth was also a one time wonder for us, Oleander hawk-moth (Daphnis nerii) is more native in parts of Africa.

A praying mantis on our sewing machine :)

A snake right next to my bedroom window.

A very odd and big caterpillar, what a beauty :)

We've had several chameleons, they are so intriguing.

Sometimes a grasshopper hops inside :)

And in the Summer we often have turtles in front of our door which are treated with water and fresh lettuce or cucumbers, these guys eat very noisily and greedy :)
We also get huge wild swines in our street which is right below the mountain, I will try to take pictures next Summer, they are enormous and only come out after dark.

We have lots of bird visitors especially this year after I set up a bird bath, they love it!

The birds leave pretty feathers, for us to use :)


  1. Very beautiful pictures! Great selection!

  2. That moth is simply amazing! Fits well with the jacket on the left (star wears) :-). Love it you put up a bird bath in the garden to welcome the birds. It so important to be connected with animal and plant world.

  3. Haha, yeah I understand the first sentence all too well. I decided to use my art to state what was obvious.
    But animals is a good way to deal with frustration too ^^

  4. Wow! Again, I have to say you are lucky to live in a nice part of Europe. Here there is no real life except in the summer months.......far too cold even the mosquitoes have given up.

  5. you live in paradise! chamaleons are my favourite animal ever, and I've never seen one (i mean out of zoo) :/

  6. so cool! I also live in a very natural place with lots of wild life
    love all the critters that you have over there, they are very different from here! Nature is amazing.
    awesome feathers! and you made such a lovely earrings out of them.

  7. wow! I am fine with most of them, love chameleons, but... snakes... OMG!
    Earings are beautiful!

  8. So many "neighbors" you have! Strange to see your summery pictures when there is a snowstorm outside my window...

  9. Amazing animal photos. The snake is scary next to your window.....