Monday 26 December 2016

9 Natural or Recycled Planters ideas

When you look at Pinterest it seems that you can make a planter of almost everything, here are a few of my favorites :)
I love old clocks, and love this clock planter, although I would only do this to a clock if it is all rusted and broken.

Love these shoe planters, seems a bit odd but I saw various shoe planters on Pinterest and I actually saw it once in real life and liked it a lot. Nice way to let the shoe rot with nature instead of a landfill.

Love this coffee pot terrarium. I think we have two of these kind of pots, you know how it goes; the coffee machine stops working but you don't have the heart to throw away the pot as it is perfectly fine :)

Love these tea cup planters, very cute and great way to use the single odd and widowed cups with a new purpose.

This planter is more a piece of art than a planter, entirely made out of recycled materials, love this cutie from IronMaidArt.

These stone planters are from our shop and just listed yesterday, entirely natural stone with natural holes created by the waves.

It is sad that sometimes tree need to be cut down, but it makes it a little less sad when the remains are used, especially when it is green.

Love these cute tin planters. Here in Turkey you have large tins for oil, that is olive oil and such for food. After the tins are empty a lot of people use them as planters and the plans seem to love the tin as they always grow fantastically in them, and they make for very colorful planters.

These gold sprayed bottle bottoms look very cool. Did you know that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish left in the sea? Also did you know that a plastic bottle takes 450 years to decompose? Crazy, right? They really should be refilled again and again, it is crazy that they are used just once. It is a horrible thought and good to keep in mind before buying plastic. Here is a video about that, in a beautiful artistic way to grab people's attention, here is video 1/3, please watch all 3 of them, they are intriguing and educational:


  1. I liked the idea. horse this is the bomb !!

  2. That clock planter is so much fun! I love clocks too!

  3. wow! thanks for sharing!
    the videos are just amazing!!

  4. These are so great ideas!!!! Thanks for collected and shared them!!!

  5. That make me remember a romantic film with Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron: Sweet November. She had an old TV as planter that I loved it!

    1. I love that movie, and I now remember that TV and Keanu's reaction to it :D

  6. Fun ideas. Here is a garden nearby my favourite botanical garden with shoes like that :) and the hidden joke - bota = shoe, botanick√° zahrada = botanical garden