Monday 30 January 2017

A Glamorous Makeover

Last week we had a fun furniture makeover. It was fun as it didn't take as long as the bigger chairs with great result.

It had very ugly and sad upholstery, and ugly brown smeared paint that was also scratched and in a sad state.

After peeling the upholstery off which always take more effort than you would think and I always hurt a few fingers in the process, I sanded the feet. As we usually have less modern pieces I always have to sand by hand, so I was happy I could do this one with the machine which was done is a jiff compared to other chairs :)

Already looking better :)

Our inspiration was this amazing embroidery piece, in gorgeous colors in a bit of a art deco style.

Here is the back side so you can really appreciate the amount of work this piece was.

Mum had the idea to make a patchwork for the back. We cut dozens of solid colored upholstery fabrics in the color palette of the embroidery.

I arranged the colors on the able and sewed them row by row, mum was doing some exercise while she brought me the rows one by one, it took a while, always longer than planned. And another exercise was all the ironing in between :)

 But already looking so fun and cheerful!

And the result!
The embroidery was exactly enough, by cutting out the center and then turning the sides we did not have any left overs, it was just meant to be :)

The seat and top of the arms and back are done in black to match the black paint I did on the feet, plus to let the colors of the embroidery and patchwork pop. It had to be sewed before stapling it, and I did a top stitch for extra security and a better finishing, it all worked out nicely and we are so happy with the results!

Doesn't make these colors you smile :)?

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  1. Estella, you done amazing work! Love chair!

  2. inanılmaz zevkli. Bayıldım...

  3. You really did an amazing work on that chair!
    The back is gorgeous but the embroidery is so so awesome!

  4. Fabulous work! The transformation is amazing!

  5. fantastic work! I always love to see your furniture makeover:)

  6. We also restored the old chair. your work is a masterpiece

  7. you can't imagine how i enjoy seeing your chairs in progress!! what a smiling chair!! keep posting!

  8. This chair is incredible!!!! I love it!!!

  9. Totally in love with that new piece of furniture. I always look forward to these posts!

  10. Great chair! And I love your moms idea for the back!

  11. Another amazing revival of furniture! Love it!

  12. Fabulous chair!! Great team work! Congrats to you and your mum!

  13. A real beautiful piece of work!!!! Especially the embroidery is very happy and bright!