Monday 13 March 2017

After a Winter Sleep

As soon as the weather gets warmer the mountains become greener, poppies and daisies appear and the turtles wake up from their Winter sleep and you see them everywhere.

Our house is at the end of a dead end street, no traffic and in front of our door is our garage which is open but only our car gets there so it is private and calm. We often get turtles in Summer there, I'm guessing that as it is at the end of the street they plan to go down the mountain in search for water but instead end up at our front door.
I always give them food and water. For the past week we had one right near our door, which is kind of unique as normally they eat and go, but she stayed for a week, most likely as it rained for 4 of those days so she was hiding in her little house.

Today a second one arrived, clearly younger as it is smaller but also the shield shinier and not roughed up yet :)

One plus one makes two :)

And a love story began... 3 makes a crowd so I left them in peace and gave them their privacy. A few hours later both were gone (without a goodbye *sniff*), I guess she was waiting for her prince charming :)


  1. I didn't know turtles hibernate!We have tortoises in Kenya and they never do, but it is pretty warm!

  2. It is so amazing you get to see turtles this close! And maybe their love story continues...

  3. This is an amazing place in which you live. We have a red-eared turtle at home.

  4. such a lovely story!!
    thanks for sahring! I am so happy to see that famous turtles after talking about them. ;-)

  5. What a beautiful and romantic story! :) I have three turtles but they are still sleeping!

  6. Didn't know they eat cucumbers! Vey are sweet!

  7. aaaaww! you have turtles in your garden! how cute! and what a match-maker you are! :D