Thursday 30 March 2017

Bag Maths

Sometimes bag / knitting patterns are no different than crazy maths. This pattern was very confusing as it is 3 dimensional and has lots of color combo's but flat and black and white it was har to follow.

I colored the squares, cut out the pattern and glued it in the shape it was going to be knitted in.

This way Mum could easily follow the pattern without the need to figure out the colors or next row.

The result was pretty cool once finished.

And even cooler once felted! Dried around a little bucket to dry in shape.

I sewed a lining in place and added straps.

And voila a super cool geometric bag!

As it is felted it is firm and water resistant. I love the pattern and the color combo, cheerful and unusual.

The bag is available at StarBags.


  1. You and your mom are so talented! 10 parmaginda 10 marifet :) this is beautiful

  2. Super cool bag! I might give it a try, hope you don't mind being my inspiration! :)

  3. Very beautiful pattern and colors! You did a great teamwork!

  4. Such a cool process! And the bag looks really cool too :)

  5. that's great! Thanks for sharing, it's very interesting!