Monday 3 April 2017

Bohemian Morocco Style Home

Our latest furniture piece was easy compared to other pieces. No sanding and painting but there was a other thing to measure my  patience.
The fringe of the vintage embroidery was a complete mess, I had to untangled it an then braided it.

It took many hours to complete but the result was worth it, I like that the ends are like little tassels.

The embroidery is vintage and made out of silk, its amazing colors come all back at the side of the ottoman in 7 shades of velvet fabric.

I can totally imagine this ottoman in a Morocco styled home, like this one above.

I love the unusual shapes and beautiful colors of the embroidery.

It really reminds me of exotic places full of colors, texture and rich textiles.

Even its trim is exotic. The body was a wooden spool, very strong and solid and pretty heavy.
The ottoman is available at StarHomeStudio along with other one of a kind furniture pieces.


  1. Lovely ottoman! Really like ottomans, it's one of my few wishes to own one at home one day :)

  2. I love the pattern on the top of that ottoman! I get an aztec vibe from it. :)

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Love the embroidery. Congrats!

  4. great work as usual!the tassels are just perfect!

  5. Beautiful unusual pattern indeed! I'm your fan!