Monday 5 June 2017

Our Creative Space...

Remember the huge pile of vintage tin boxes I showed you? We thrifted in dozens of thriftstores for them and I just used the first box and thought it would be good to show you that the tins will be used and how :)

With a tin scissor I cut the box to become flat pieces, not very difficult but if you are not careful you can cut yourself as tin can get very sharp when cut.

I cut out the two big birds and thought the Eurasian Jay feathers I find in our garden match perfectly. I'm always happy when I find a feather, knowing that they are cruelty free I can use them without doubt.

I filed around the birds to make the sharp edges soft and then soldered around it and soldered loops to so that I can attach things to it.

After washing off the solder flux I attach some pretty leaved ear posts to which I added mother of pearl flowers. And I added the feathers, left and right just like the birds.

The box was vintage so this pair is completely one of a kind, I wish I had more of those birds as they match so well with the feathers!

They are impressively big 3 3 /8'' and 3 1/2'' (8.5 cm and 9 cm) but light weight which is another reason why I love to use tin.
The earrings are available in the shop, and maybe I'll make a matching necklace with the remaining pieces, or cut round pieces and dome them to become beads, not sure yet. Now you can see how much things can come out of just a little tiny box, hundreds of things will come out of the big stash we have now :)


  1. What a great ideas you have!! Love these earrings!!

  2. You are so creative. the earrings look amazing.

  3. that is very creative indeed, not surprising coming for you, you are really good at turning old basic stuff into awesomeness!