Thursday 12 October 2017

New Family Member

We have a new family member. With already 10 dogs we didn't really 'need' another one but she happened to just be a dislocated family member who now found her home :)

She is a terrier and sausage mix, and has a super long body with short legs and a very funny walk. She is super sweet and the rest of the pack was very quick to accept her. She came last Friday and not even a week later she is completely at home. Like all the other family members she is adopted, we are all for the 'adopt, don't shop' movement :)

We called her Lulu and we already love her :)


  1. Oh what a sweetie and so happy she can join your big family. That's going to be fun and lots of love!

  2. She´s so cute! Since I work all day, we unfortunately can not have pets, that would´nt be fair to the animal. But I would love to have one or the other cat and my husband would´nt have something against a dog. I would not buy me an animal at the breeder but rather one from the shelter.

    1. Indeed especially dogs are not happy when they are left too much alone. As we work from home our doggies are very happy, and we are happy with them :)

  3. Aaaaw she has such a cute face! Glad she feels already at home in the pack :)
    Yes, I'm all for the adopt don't shop movement as well :)

  4. I think she will be happy and very lucky to live in your family

  5. What a cutie! I'm glad she is with a happy and loving family now :) She deserves it!

  6. He is so cute!! He's a very lucky dog, he found the right family to have a happy life!