Tuesday 26 December 2017

When in Rome

This year we discovered a fantastic site, Trustedhousesitters. The deal is somebody does house and pet sitting for free, in exchange for a stay in the house in a place that you want to visit. We had twice sitters here so that we could go to the US and to Izmir.
I thought that it would be fun to do that too and travel a bit more. So I applied to a few sits and got one in Rome, taking care of two doggies.
It all went rather fast and unplanned and so here I am, in Rome.

The house I am in is rather far from everything, but it is a nice walk to the river Tiber, that winds its way from north to south of the city and is crossed by many bridges. This is the Ponte Milvio, an old Roman bridge.

Couples who use a lamppost on the bridge to attach love padlocks as a token of love. The ritual involves the couple locking the padlock to the lamppost, then throwing the key behind them into the Tiber. The ritual was invented by author Federico Moccia for his popular book and movie "I Want You". (wikipedia)

After April 13, 2007, couples had to stop this habit because that day the lamppost, due to the weight of all padlocks, partially collapsed. However, couples decided to attach their padlocks elsewhere. In fact, all around the bridge, road posts and even garbage bins have been used to place these love padlocks. Even though it is forbidden (fine of 50 euros) and padlocks are removed by force there still are plenty of locks on the bridge.

You cannot see this bridge in this map, it is further north, but there are many old and lovely bridges.

I took a sightseeing bus tour to get my bearings in the city.

There are so many monuments that it is confusing and rather overwhelming.

The Colosseum is, of course totally unique. Isn't it weird how it is walled in by the modern city?

One of the seven Roman Hills

Ruins on the Palatino hills.

The Saint Angelo Castle, refuge of the popes in times of wars.

The palace of Justice.

I loved the views of the river most. It is just a small river, but water always transforms a city.

This is it for today. I found getting around with public transportation a pain and I am feeling every one of my 62 years on earth. You should do Rome when you are younger!

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  1. I loved visiting Rome!
    We went there in 2009, so quite a while ago! But I loved it to bits,, we only saw the historical center of course (stay was too short) but the monuments were just overwhelming.