Monday 15 January 2018

9 Great Ways to Recycle Cans

It has been a while since my last recycle post. Even though tin cans are not as harmful as plastic and they are easier to recycle, if they do end up in the landfill they take 50 years to decompose, that's a long time! And a lot of them end up there, much more than you want to imagine.
So here are some fun and pretty ways to recycle your cans.
Colorful ones can be used directly as they are as flower pots.

You can cut them up and turn them in to amazing flowers, or buy them from this artist directly. Cutting tin is super easy with tin scissors, we have a pair and they are really easy to use.

Make clocks and other household stuff you normally buy and are often made of plastic, this is a great alternative and you can paint them in the exact color you want.

This is a super cute lampshade, which will give lovely shadows and is super strong.

If you don't want to mess with electricity, they are also great as candle holders, either standing or hanging as lanterns.

You can paint the cans and use them as plant pots, I like how the ones on the left look like trash but are also cool :)

You can use them in many ways to organize stuff, and personalize them with your own colors and use them for a large variety of things, even for wine bottles!

Flatten the cans and turn them in to amazing pieces of decoration, like this beautiful frame.

Attach larger cans to the wall for a different way of organizing, great for toys but also scarves, socks etc.

And a bonus, use them in your art to make a statement about the environment, or buy from an artist, like these amazing pieces of Stephanie Kilgast:


  1. super great idea! I love the part for the plants and what an amazing art!!

  2. Excellent ideas! Thanks for sharing. Stephanie's sculptures are a fabulous ending for your gallery!

  3. Yes, it's a very important issue. My favorite is the little clock, great!

  4. :D well thank you for that ending!
    And yes, it's crazy how much recyclable trash ends up in nature, especially where people do picnics. Drives me nuts!