Thursday 4 January 2018

Update from Rome

A few more views of the city, in no particular order, here is my first post in case you've missed it.
I found Rome extremely crowded and extremely dirty. It is obvious that the city hall does not work at all and is simply exploiting the tourism. Which is disappointing. Public transport has been also very disappointing, taking much too long to go anywhere.

On top of the city's disappointments I also caught a bad cold and was mostly at the house after that, with the doggies that I'm looking after. So my trip has been kind of a fiasco to say the least, and I'm glad I'm heading home on Sunday.

The history, monuments and architecture is of course undeniable but the city really has to work on cleaning because it is upset-tingly dirty and discouraging.

Something I did like of the city is that a lot of people have dogs, which makes it always more fun for me :)


  1. You are totally right! The management of the city in the last years has been very bad. This makes me sad, it's a wonderful place and deserves more. Great pics!

  2. Ah sorry you had a disappointing stay :/
    I can't remember it being dirty, but I went 9 years ago and we stayed in the center for 3 or 4 days.
    I also caught a cold though! that sucked, couldn't stay for lon in the Vatican because I was sneezing all the time ^^
    Safe trip back home!