Thursday 1 February 2018

Custom Fairy tale Clothing

We've been working hard this week on 3 custom clothing pieces. They turned out so cool that I had to show them off :)

This little red riding hood vest is made with a vintage gobelin tapestry and has a beautiful red lining and brass hooks as closure.

This jacket is made out of two tapestries one of the fairy tale 'the 7 goats and the wolf' and one is 'baba jaga', a slavic folk tale.

Figuring out how to best place the patterns on the tapestries to not loose anything of the magic was challenging but we love the results!

And last is this adorable vest with all kind of creatures like mice going to the dentist, another cute image from a child book.

Custom orders inspire us to create different things and we are inspired to create more. If you would like a custom piece of clothing made, let us know in the shop :)