Monday 19 February 2018

Photo shoot Expedition

For the past 2,5 months I have been going to a photography course 3 times a week. Up till now it was all technical learning, looking at photographs and discussing methods etc, but this past weekend we went away for the weekend and got to put our new knowledge to use.

We went Saturday morning at 7:30 am and arrived back at 20:00 Sunday evening. Our first stop was Patara where there were ruins for us to shoot. We also went to Xanthos, Letoon and to the beach for the sunset.

Patara's theater, dating from the second century B.C. is in very good condition.

Although it was raining cats and dogs on Friday and today (Monday) it was cloudy and cold, we had terrific weather during the weekend and I was in my t -shirt all day with above the 20 degrees Celsius weather, it was like a warm Spring weekend, so that was lucky!

Letoon is partly submerged and features the foundations of the temples of Leto (Zeus's lover) and her children, Apollo and Artemis.

Hard to imagine how majestic these places must have been, the tumbled down stones are amazing too though, and when looking closer you can see how much work went in each stone  before putting them in place.

Farm land in the background.

It was a nice change to just purely be there to take pictures and take the time for it.

And all the people of the group (20 of us) were fun so the entire experience was great fun.

Do you see the sunbathing sweet water turtles? So funny and cute!

These two I took at the end of the first day with my underwater camera.

Some people on Instagram asked me how I took them, here you can see how it looked from behind :D And at the end I got totally wet, but it was worth it.

These were from the first day, I will show more pictures this week of the second day.


  1. Wonderful photos! Must be very interesting to learn the secrets of photography!

  2. sounds like you had loads of fun!
    And yes taking photos for the sake of it is awesome! I did a few photo trips with my mum, always nice :)