Thursday 26 April 2018

Pottery town: Karacasu

This last weekend I went to another photo expedition. I will divide my trip in 3 blog posts because I have too many photos I want to share. Our bus took off at 6:30 am on Saturday and we drove for 3 hours to Karacasu.

Karacasu has a part that kind of stuck in time, everything has a layer of red dust because of the clay.

There are artisans that make the potteries.

Men and women that keep fires going to bake the potteries.


This soap dish was very muddy and rustic and although it looks old it is actually just dirty and plastic :)

The clay was also prepared there.

And a lot of the work places were kind of cave like old stone buildings.

Everywhere you could see broken pieces.

And all the houses were red from the clay dust.

A little uphill was just a rustic old town, without the red dust.

With old doors and windows, it was like going back 50-60 years.

This old lady was happy to pose, although I rather wanted to photograph her natural :)

After that we went in to the center of the town, where there was a beautiful Mosque.

With beautiful hand painted details hand wood work.

The old water taps were not working anymore, instead there were new ones a little further ahead. Muslims wash their faces, ears, hands, arms and feet before praying, hence why there are always water taps in front of mosques.

We also passed a old school iron worker, and he was happy to pose while working.

Even the electricity was old school at some places :)
I will share more of my trip next week.


  1. love your photos trips! they must be so fun as well!

  2. Every detail you captured with your camera is amazing! I can see your style in these photos, they aren't only beautiful photos, they have a soul. Congrats!