Monday 11 June 2018

Newly Listed: Natural Painted Driftwood Sticks

Natural Painted Driftwood Sticks, Beach Home Decor, Driftwood Decor, Set of 8 by StarHomeStudio
Nature Photograph, Man in the Moon, Crescent Moon, Stars, Bird in Tree,  Blue Sky by SherriConley
Beach Photography, bird monterey nature photography, animal photography, wall decor by LynnLangmade
Blue ocean wall art, beach print, nautical decor, pier photograph, wall art, Dusk at the Bay by LupenGrainne


  1. They are very cool. They remind me of tools a witch doctor would use...

  2. So pretty! Love the color and pattern you picked for these drift wood pieces!

  3. I like how you painted these wands

  4. I like the way you painted the driftwood, the color is pure summer!!!