Monday 25 June 2018

Under the Sea

I went for another dive the other day.
Beside my GoPro I also now have a second hand camera which has a water proof case, I was hoping that it would take better macro pictures than the GoPro but it didn't work out yet. The camera is a compact Sony Cybershot works great above water, but I need to figure out how it can do better underwater, until I can afford something better!

Right below the surface all was fine problem is with underwater photography colors disappear.
At what depth does color disappear?
Red - 4-5 meters (15 feet)
Orange - 7-8 meters (25 feet)
Yellow - 10 meters (35 feet)
Green - 22 meters (70 feet)

I found this video intriguing to see how colors are effected underwater.

So the deeper you go the less color is left.

Resulting with only blue pictures at 25 meters (82 feet), unless you have a camera worth thousands with lights and special lenses.

I was at a different diving school than usual and things did not go very smoothly, not to mention that one guy finished his oxygen tank in 20 minutes during both dives resulting in much shorter dives than usual.
I think it would have been helpful to adjust the camera to 'cloudy day' setting, will try that next time :)

I took some videos with the GoPro, and wanted to edit them together but had some problems with that as well, I had a battle with cameras, hope for better pics and video next time. So here a short video where you can see me making friends with a fish, and you can actually also see the guy I mentioned above starting sharing a tank with someone :)
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  1.  I think you will be able to deal with the color rendition in the near future. And we will see many beautiful photos

  2. I never dived, so it might be a very silly question: What about your eyes? Do they see the normal colors? Or is everything looking blue as well?

    1. Not a silly question, the naked eye sees about the same colors as the camera, camera's can see better if they are professional underwater camera's. Also some photoshopping by adding reds and greens make the photos better, but we can not do that with the eyes :)

  3. Interesting, I had no idea that water depth affected colors...but it does make sense ;)

  4. That was so interesting, I have never dived in my life before, so it made me curious.