Friday 3 August 2018

Number 10, again...

While I was away during my trip to Seferihisar, Mum called me on my last evening telling me 'I've sent you an email, did you see it?' I said 'no', and asked her what it was about, when she said 'just look at it and let me know what you think', I knew she was up to no good...
It was a adoption ad on Facebook... Of this little black fur ball. Who was in ─░zmir, 1 hour away from were I was but 3 hours from our home so I could pick her up on my return back home... I resisted for quite a while but Mum is a stubborn goat  *sigh* and she wanted her so badly as she looks like Elsie, her favorite doggie ever who we lost 3 years ago. FYI we adopted Olivia with the same excuse...

I called them but they did not want to release her without her being neutered first so I would have to go back 1 week later or so. This was on Sunday evening.

Monday afternoon, I just had driven 4 hours and was back home for just half an hour they called me back telling me I could pick her up anyway... aaarrgggggg

I rested on Tuesday and we went to pick her up on Wednesday, a total of 6 hours driving, I'm an angelic daughter which my mother will never admit. While the shelter was in surprising good shape...

The doggie was in a very bad shape, her fur was all matted and parts were gone leaving bald spots. She also smelt horribly and her eyes were all droopy and dirty.

Of course this does make it up for the long journey as black dogs (and cats) are already much less likely to be adopted, this sad girl didn't have much of a chance.

I groomed and washed her right after arrival and after that she wouldn't leave my side, she also wanted to meet the rest of the pack right away and she adjusted in a matter of hours.

We do not know her exact story and for now we are just letting her recouping, there were vets at the shelter but we will be taking her to our vet soon. Her legs are very thin with barely any muscle, I suspect she was in a cage for a while and the lack of walking didn't do her good. They all have a story non are very happy but we do our best to fix that :)

We called her Betty Boo -Boo :)


  1. Welcome Betty Boo Boo :) How cute she is!

  2. Hello, there, Betty Boo-Boo! Lucky girl to have found a loving home! :)

  3. You are sooo kind and caring to take care of all the dogies. She is cute and lucky to find you.