Monday 17 December 2018

Jacksonville, Pensacola and Mobile

Like I said in our last post, we spent two nights in Jacksonville. It was weekend, Mum had the flu and we had a huge room, as big as an apartment while it was also the cheapest we ever had in the USA. We also did a bit of thrifting :)

After 2 days we went to Tallahassee, the capital city of Florida. Not much to see, really a city, again some thrifting and after one night we went to Pensacola.

Pensacola was a bit like Daytona Beach but different again. A place that we would not like in Spring when thousands of Students come for Spring break, or Summer when thousands come for vacation. But now the huge beaches were practically empty.

This was right behind our hotel.

Pelicans are like seagulls here plenty of them, they are huge!

We also went to Pensacola Beach, a peninsula with very long and wide stretchy beaches.

Almost like a room with the sea coming in.

It was beautiful and super clean.

So refreshing to see a beach that is as it should be; only shells, no plastic!

It was pretty cold and by this time I had the flu badly so we did not stay long.

You are not allowed to walk on the dunes to protect the vegetation.

No Pamela Anderson in a red bathing suit ;)

Winter beaches are my favorite!

There were also houses right on the beach, but no first floor to avoid flooding.

Having a house here doesn't come without danger, due to hurricanes and storms but wow do they have a view!

After two nights in Pensacola, it was time for us to go to New Orleans where we will be for almost 2 weeks taking care of two goats and two cats!

On our way there we passed the state of Alabama and Mississippi and we made a stop at Mobile which is in Alabama.

Amazing green streets, I'm sure it makes a huge difference during their hot and humid Summers.

And some houses again with lots of Christmas decorations.

We can now say that we thrifted in Alabama :)

We arrived in New Orleans on Thursday, we are both now practically flu free so I will start blogging about this interesting city soon!


  1. Your pictures are wonderful. Lovely place, even without people :)

  2. It all looks pretty deserted ;) But lovely beaches. I'd like to go to Mobile, many scenes from Close Encounters of the Third kind were filmed was the only places that had hangars large enough for what Spielberg had in mind.

  3. There's something about off-season beaches... the long empty stretches of sand... it makes me feel like I am seeing the oldest earth, long before people came along.And pelicans... how I (oddly) love pelicans!