Monday 28 January 2019

Get the Look Vol.13

As soon as something is under a dome it becomes instantly better in my humble opinion. We bought a cute little dome in Florida which I used for this little project below. There is a special sea urchin in it which we found quite a while ago, the dome is the perfect display for it. The dome is plastic and has a hole on top so I was able to pin the sea urchin so that it can not move/break. On top I added starfishes to highlight the star pattern of the sea urchin. Available at StarHomeStudio.

I love the idea of a wall full of old mirrors, more light, and the illusion of more space.
Our mirrors are beautiful antiques with frames made of behind glass painted glass. There are two of them in case you are all for symmetry.

We don't have such large driftwood sticks in the shop, but I'm planning to add some as they are so beautiful, although I might actually use them to make driftwood furniture as it is not easy to find large ones. We do have an interesting farm tool, no idea what it was used for but it is a beautiful decorative piece.

I might have shared my love for maps and globes a few dozen times :) Maps give such character, and ours is actually a 1970's sea map so a combination of map and sea love.

I love vintage gadgets that are not used anymore, I actually remember a big abacus in my first-grade class in the 1980's but we did not use it. This was clearly a pocket edition, a cute little one, and how cute are a bunch together?

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  1. I especially love the maps too! But I also find everything you displayed so fascinating 😍 love your attitude and attention to details ❤️

  2. I love them all but old maps are always the coolest!

  3. Such cool items. I love maps too, and I must confess, if that Stockholm map would have been yours I would have bought it in a heart beat!

  4. Glass domes are pretty awesome indeed!
    The first image is so close to what I currently have at home XD