Monday 18 February 2019

Betty Boo-Boo

You might remember, although if you don't I won't blame you because of the number of doggies we have :), Betty Boo-boo who we adopted last year.
She was in bad shape, one of the worst we've had, much worse than we initially thought.

Her hair has grown back beautifully, even though she is still rough around the edges it is a huge difference of how she was. Her hair loss was due to Mange which was also the source of a nasty smell. We also found a few bumps which turned out that it could turn in to cancer, those were removed. She had a cough for months (most likely kennel cough) which finally went away after several antibiotic treatments. On the bright side it turned out she was neutered already (while that was initially the reason why they did not want them to release her to us!), most likely in a different kennel or by a previous owner, but we did not have to put her through that.

Initially, I thought her legs were bad due to lack of exercise in the kennel but it turns out a skeleton problem, the vet thought it might be malnourishment during her puppy period or a birth defect. She kind of has a waggle-walk like a duck but further than that it doesn't seem to bother her. She still seems always surprised when she gets called, loved or pet, and she always has a wagging tail for us. She most likely is about 9 instead of 3 like they said, she has the start of cataract in her eyes, even though her eyes look clearer than when she first came. All this does make you more aware why we shouldn't go and buy puppies but help the forgotten bigger pups instead. Like always: adopt, don't shop :)


  1. Gratuluję takiej postawy a pieskowi życzę zdrówka.

  2. She is still mighty cute :)
    And I 100% agree, adopt, don't shop!

  3. I think this dog is good with you. You are doing a noble cause. Let this poor fellow meet a good owner.

    1. She is with us, a family member not going anywhere :)

  4. Very cute and she looks like a very friendly dog to me! :)

  5. yes, adopt don't shop, I could not agree more. Lucky dog to have found your loving home!