Monday 25 February 2019

Fool's Spring

We had about a week of 20 degrees Celsius, which is normal here, actually, we had a very wet and cold Winter for our standards, we kind of missed the Sun which is very unusual here!
As a result daisies popped up everywhere, I love the wildflowers around here. Funny enough we learned to make daisies in our marbled paper course as well.

I will have to perfect them this week, I have the flower part under control, the stems and leaves I still need to work on.

Today it is pretty cold again but the daisies are still in the mountains hanging on, in hope for warmer days :)

I found a video on Youtube, so you get a bit of a better idea how it is done.


  1. It's been super hot here too, 18 °C, but that's not quite normal for the season here.
    The marbled paper technique reminds me of sugar icing! :)

  2. We had a little feeling of spring coming too one day when it was 8 degrees, but now it is back to the normal 3-5 degrees.
    Longing for your 20! That's swedish summer. :)

  3. And we still have snowdrifts and ice.
    Yesterday I watched the fishermen on the ice from the window

  4. Ha! I break your records...26° here today. Which never happened, and shouldn't happen really(snow isn't unusual at this time of year and temps never go higher than 5/6°). But I did enjoy it and read in the garden most of the afternoon ;)
    It's a nice first try at daisies, imho.