Monday 4 March 2019

Big Little Project

We got these cool brass feet during our last trip to the USA. And I thought a cute little side table with a vintage embroidered top would be fun to use it.

This little plan/ project took more than a month! Things did not go as planned. The first problem was how to make the top, the embroidery would need protection (glass) and this would all need to be kept together neatly.

We first ordered a nicely cut round MDF but we were not able to find nice clamps to keep the wood, embroidery, and glass together. We then ordered an MDF with a frame, so that the embroidery and glass would fall into the frame, however, the seller seemed to have disappeared as it never got send (no worries we go our money back as it was a very trustworthy site).

Finally, we found a beautiful brass tray, we would just need to put the embroidery and glass in it and we would be done.

However, the embroidery I initially had picked out for the project did not fit in the tray (I did not add a picture of it here) so I had to choose another embroidery. This one needed some repair and then be fixed to some cardboard to keep it neat.

I had a piece of round glass cut but it was too small as I had only brought the tray and not the embroidery which added height and the tray's diameter was not straight! Finally, with a second piece of glass everything fell in place.

What should have been a quick and easy project turned in to quite the project, with all kind of side projects spurting out of it as I have an extra piece of glass which is now in progress for something else, and the round MDF will turn in to an ottoman :) But I got there in the end, you can find it among many other one of a kind furniture pieces.

Pffeeww and then people wonder why handmade is 'so expensive' :)


  1. It is so sweet! Another cool piece!

  2. oh wow another cool piece of furniture!
    and what a journey to make it! glad you pulled through :D

  3. I always tell my students that round shape is fraught with problems
    I like how you did it. the table is great

  4. I send you the rays of good and wealth)))
    I hope they will be noticed by your customers.