Monday 11 March 2019

Colorful Ottoman and more Roundness

This ottoman project was fun. Didn't take ages and I love the result.

The feet needed cleaning, a very thick layer of some strong oil paint was not easy but for a good paint result, it needs to be done. The base is a pre-cut round MDF, which we ordered when we ordered a smaller one for the side table I blogged about a few days ago.

I wanted the feet to match the colorful embroideries we picked out for it.

After painting I varnished them and they got felt to protect both floors and the feet. Each foot got fixed firmly into place with 4 long screws each. I painted the wood black for a smooth finishing.

The embroidery was actually a bit too big for the wood but they just had to be together.

I sewed the sides to the round pieces with a slight rimple to make the top smaller, and the foam filling got a special top with soft filling to give it a soft round belly and to fill up the too large embroidery.

I hand sew a colorful vintage cord for a fun finishing touch.
The side embroideries were originally done on wool but the wool had some moth damage so we cut the flowers out and Mum appliqued them to some new strong upholstery fabric.

The entire ottoman is full of colorful handmade details and it makes me all cheerful, I'm sure it will brighten up any room you put it in.

It is available at StarHomeStudio among many other one of a kind furniture and decor piece.

 And one of the side projects sprouting out of the coffee table was this, I used the too small glass to frame a marble painting.

I put the marbled paper between the glass and a metal sheet covered cardboard and soldered it all together. I also soldered loops for hanging and metal leaves for some extra dimension.

You can find this also at StarHomeStudio.


  1. Yet another gorgeous piece! And the framed marble paper is lovely too.