Thursday 28 March 2019

From Shabby to Shabby Chic

Our attic is full of old treasures. Mum is a bit of a slight hoarder so there is stuff there from any stage of her life from various countries. And some of those we have been selling in the vintage category in our StarHomeStudio shop. From time to time I go up in the attic to find something to fix and then add in the shop. Last week I found this wooden chest. Super shabby and not very useful the way it was. But after a thorough cleaning and adding some cool steel hairpin feet....

In the meantime I have 11 pieces of furniture in various stages of making/ fixing/ finishing!! Kind of drives me crazy.

It now is a super cool coffee table, nightstand or whatever else you might find a use for it.

Besides washing the chest I did not do anything else to the wood to keep the rough rustic look of the old wood. Sanding and varnishing it would just give me a boring and still not perfect wooden box, the imperfections give it character. My mint colored globe matches perfectly :)

It has a top lit and drawer, I think it would be perfect to put remote controls in it, in the living room

I changed the pull of the drawer with a cool vintage bead that has the same mint color as the legs.
One piece down, still 10 pieces of furniture in our atelier waiting to be finished, and many more in the attic and shed :D

This cool piece is available in the shop with plenty of other one of a kind furniture pieces.


  1. So unusual box. What was its first purpose? With all the lost space inside? Secret compartments?

    1. When you pull out the drawer there are indeed two secret compartments, not sure if it was intentional, and no idea why it originally was made. Without legs it had not much sense to me :)

  2. Very weird piece indeed! but you did a great job at making it pretty and useful again!
    And yes the globe matches perfectly!

  3. I like to spy on the work in your workshop
    However, I think, how is shipping such bulky items?

    1. Postal services do not accept very large items like chairs, but private couriers like FedEx do. This table can still be shipped by the post though!

  4. Cool, like the way how you transforming and combining objects