Thursday 4 April 2019

Spring Arrived

At March 31st we had elections here in Turkey. These were for Mayors of municipalities.
The slogan of the democratic party was 'The end of March is Spring' as Spring is always associated with positivity and change. And it did happen. The party of Erdogan is still objecting about a lot of the outcomes as there have been enormous changes. The biggest is Istanbul, with 16 million people the Democratic party won and it is a huge loss for the party of Erdogan. Also, Ankara (the capital), Adana, another city of 1.75 million, Antalya another big city of 2.3 million went from Ak party to the Democratic party, a huge win, and to all those with some sense, a huge relief. Izmir (population of 6 million) as the most democratic city did not change and with all these big cities together a huge change is coming and hopefully we'll see even more with the next general elections.
Ak party is still struggling and trying some ugly games as they have with previous elections, but they can't hold it forever.
Our town also had a bit of a scare, our (democratic) Mayor of 15 years ran again but as the Democratic party did not want him anymore he ran under another democratic party, which caused for divided votes and Ak party could have won, but luckily did not.
We now have a new Mayor, young and Democratic and I liked the way he talked and I hope he'll be honest and fair.

In the mean time at home, I'm still working to get a huge amount of furniture done.

We got these school chairs during our last trip in New Orleans, yes we even brought back furniture lol :) No wonder we had so many bags.

Although adorable they did need some TLC.

After sanding the got treated with anti-rust paint. The plastic covers are re-used packaging, keeping it eco-friendly.

Then they got various layers of a lovely mint color.

The wood got sanded again, and I then stenciled these cute checks on the wood.

As the wood still had some stains that did not go off with sanding I stained the wood, also to keep it more with a vintage look.

Now some fun details, they are after all kid's furniture:)

Tadaaaa! Love how they turned out. They have birds on all sides except for the side where the book cubby is.

The details are all in black as the table top got black chalkboard paint, so that the kid sitting at it can draw and write with chalk.

I also like that it is pretty enough to have it in your living room, often kid stuff is bright and plastic and not very matching with adult stuff. The color makes it perfect for all genders.

Normally only 7 pieces should be left, but some new projects came in so I'm back to I don't know how many :D
All furniture pieces are available at StarHomeStudio


  1. Very interesting read about elections in Turkey as we almost never get anything about Turkey in our news here. Love the new look of the school chairs, very pretty and works well for both girls and boys :)

  2. There's a huge Turkish community here, so we hear a lot about the Turkish elections. Sadly most are pro Erdogan here (which is very puzzling). I hope for the best, but it's worrying nevertheless as people like him never admits defeats...
    As for the chairs, they are adorable...

    1. Yes strangely a lot of Turkish expats are pro erdogan, which makes me think and say: why are you in a different country if you think he is so great??

  3. i like this mint school chair

  4. I have been hearing of the changes from your elections. I hope all goes well and peacefully for you and your country.
    Also, I remember sitting in chairs much like these as a child... but not so pretty!

  5. Good news about the elections, even though, now I'm wondering where it's at.
    And love these furniture! If I had a kid, I'd get one, the chalk paint tabletop is a great idea!