Friday 5 July 2019

First Dive of the Season

I finally went diving this past week. People who come on vacation in our town go much more to sea than us who live right next to it, I guess you get spoiled or the fact that it is just there makes it less important to go.

Weather was around 40 degrees Celsius and the water 24 so perfect, although deeper it does of course get colder.

There are some shipwrecks, sunken purely for divers, although it does give a nice grip for critters and fauna.

Fish like to seek shelter under it.

This was also once part of a ship, now it is flourishing.

And Squid eggs, dancing with the waves, they were pretty deep, hence the quality of the photo. The sea is beautiful from each and every angle :)


  1. This all seems so dreamy and impossible to me...lucky you!

  2. Wow, great photos. As Nathalie said, it looks like a dream.

  3. So cool! Must be amazing doing these dives!