Tuesday 15 October 2019

Home Progress

We finally managed to fix the table that has been lying upside down on the floor for weeks. The feet are new and putting everything back together took many hours. This table was our table in the Netherlands but had been in K├╝tahya (the old house that I mentioned a while back) for more than 20 years, besides the middle part which was in our attic, nice to have it all back together again.

The chairs are all mismatched vintage beauties, the house is pretty modern so it is nice to have some warm and playful furniture. Slowly the house is becoming a home, and with the table, the odd large L-shaped kitchen makes much more sense. We also went to IKEA for some new beds, still working on those!

We also made good progress on the atelier. Just moving a home is a lot of work but for us it is the ateliers that are the biggest task, both are fully packed, and we still are on the first!! But we are getting there.

Every time we go we fill up the car till full capacity the house then becomes a mess which we then clear up. It all takes a lot of time and effort but in the end, we will hopefully have a great working space!

The sewing side is looking good, but there is still loads of fabric to move!


  1. Your house looks already gorgeous �� love the atelier ��❤️��

  2. It looks great. May I congratulate you on your new home?

  3. Coming along nicely! I love the big table and mismatched chairs...

  4. WOW, great working space. I do not know if that is right wording , but here people says that you have '' sweet worries ''! Enjoy!

  5. Hang in there! The move will be over sooner or later :) and the sewing side look really really good!