Thursday 12 May 2022

Some Finished Furniture Pieces


I've been pretty busy with some new furniture pieces lately. If you've seen my previous blogpost you might have seen the skirt made with a vintage gobelin tapestry. We've been making such skirts for years but never used it for furniture.

We decided to give these chairs a makeover with tapestries, and look how beautiful they turned out. A far cry from when I found them with fake thorn leather and wonky legs.

Each chair is done with different tapestries, making each unique but they do match together. Even though we did not use fairytale themed tapestries like we often do for skirts they still remind me of fairytales.

After all I think almost all old fairytales have woodland environments, little red riding hood meets the olf in the forest. Snowwhite finds the hut of the dwarfs in the forest, Hansel and Gretel also got lost in a forest so yes no wonder.

I'm utterly delighted with how they turned out and of course, the fact that I saved three chairs from ending up in the landfill is a very important bonus.

I'm curious where they'll end up, I'm sure they'll fancy any space up as they are beautiful from all sides.

All three are available among many other unique furniture pieces at StarHomeStudio.

Something that somehow took me 18 months to finish was this 1930s room divider. It had no fabric and the wood was in a bad shape.

The paint was stubborn and I ended up buying a new sander as our old one was just not up to the job. Somehow stuff came in between but I'm glad it is now finished and looking maybe even better than it originally was as I used a vintage kilim instead of some fabric.

I did not cover the backside of the Kilim so the many hours of work can be admired.
The wood looks like new after sanding for many hours, staining, and oiling as the wood was very dry. I wish I had the space for it, I would have kept it for myself if I did! Also available at StarHomeStudio.
You can see a short video of the various it steps it went through on my Instagram.

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